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Hi, I’m Abigail. I am a strategic consultant who partners with small to medium-sized NGOs, nonprofits, and social enterprises that support change in communities from a variety of actors. Together, we come up with practical, strategic solutions to challenges such as evaluating project impact or achieving successful production and sales models of locally-made goods. I can support your nonprofit or for profit organization in achieving its aims while working within its values to advance social change.

Alongside strategies for increasing social justice and strengthening NGO capacities, my skill sets and passions include baking a mean fruit pie, watching Bollywood films, and discussing the many fine attributes of manatees.  I’m happy to engage with individuals and organizations on any of these topics so let’s connect!


I partner with organizations to uncover strategies and capabilities that will improve your impact on communities where you work. My process is collaborative and responsive to both an organization’s resources as well as to your context in a community.

Organizational Strategic Planning

This isn’t often a focus for smaller mission-based organizations dealing with limited resources. Let’s find ways for you to work smarter toward your mission and vision.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring your impact and using data strategically can help increase your organization’s impact on communities, as well as improving your fundraising capacities.

Sales and Production Strategy

A practical sales strategy can ensure you are honoring the working needs and practices of artisans, farmers, or producers while meeting client demands.


​”Abigail helped our nonprofit organization tremendously by bringing her analytical and strategic expertise to our socially-focused mission.  She provided invaluable information that we used to improve our operations and more effectively carry out our strategic plan. She was also a pleasure to work with, easily interfacing with our multicultural and multilingual staff.  Her background and experience with sales, business, and nonprofit organizations makes her a versatile, strategic, and well-rounded consultant – I would wholeheartedly recommend her to nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike.”

Laura Gehring ─ Executive Director, Maya Traditions

“I was always very impressed with Abigail’s attention to deadline–she is excellent at getting the job done and can engage in a lot of work in a short amount of time. She is a great communicator especially when managing people and the various emotions in a team setting.”

Alex Pittman ─ CEO, ImpactMapper




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Thank you for your interest, I look forward to speaking with you further!